Secure Your Roof with Advanced Installation Services

Choosing our roof installation services ensures long-lasting protection and aesthetic appeal for your property. We specialize in a variety of roofing types, from shingles to synthetic and wood shake roofs. Each installation is carried out with precision, using the latest materials and techniques to safeguard your home against the elements. Trust in our expertise to deliver a roof that is both beautiful and durable.

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Professional Hail Damage Repair Services

Restore your roof and exterior surfaces with our professional hail damage repair services. Minimize weather impacts with professional solutions.

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Transform Your Home with Premier Siding Services

Opt for our siding contractor to elevate your home’s exterior with high-quality materials like vinyl, cedar, and wood. Our installations not only boost curb appeal but also enhance structural integrity and insulation. Each siding option is tailored to meet individual style preferences and functional needs, ensuring satisfaction and durability. Let us revamp your home’s appearance with our comprehensive siding solutions.

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Dependable Gutter Installation for Optimal Drainage

Choose our gutter installation expertise for superior protection against water damage. We specialize in 5-6 inch K-style seamless gutters, available in a variety of colors, and high-end copper gutters that offer durability with a classic look. Our solutions effectively channel water away from your structure, protecting your foundation and landscaping. Depend on our robust installations for a worry-free, functional home exterior.

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Immediate Help for Storm Damage Roof Repair Needs

Roof leak repair and storm damage restoration are crucial for maintaining the integrity of your home. We swiftly address damage from hail, wind, and debris with comprehensive solutions that restore security and relief. Our professionals are equipped to handle everything from missing shingles to severe structural damage, ensuring quick and effective recovery. Choose us for a robust storm damage repair that stands the test of time.

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Rapid Emergency Roof Repair to Secure Your Home

In the face of unexpected disasters, our emergency roof repair services provide the quick response needed to protect your property. We offer tarping and board-up services to immediately secure your home from further damage. Our team is available around the clock to respond to your emergency needs, ensuring that your home remains safe and sound. Rely on us for fast, reliable emergency solutions.

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Expert Roof Repair Services for Lasting Durability

Experience the peace of mind that comes with professional roof repair services from Shared Stories Home and Remodeling. We address common roofing problems like leaks, missing shingles, and wear from environmental factors with expertise and precision. Our comprehensive approach ensures each repair enhances your roof's durability and extends its lifespan. Trust us to deliver high-quality solutions tailored to the unique needs of your roof.

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Comprehensive Roof Tune-Up Services for Enhanced Performance

Keep your roof in top condition with our Roof Tune-Up services at Shared Stories Home and Remodeling. We meticulously inspect and address minor issues before they escalate into major problems. Our tune-ups cover everything from shingle alignment to sealant integrity, ensuring your roof is prepared to withstand the elements. Rely on our expertise to boost your roof's efficiency and prolong its life.

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Ensure Your Property’s Safety With a Professional Siding Inspection

Our siding inspection services are designed to identify and address potential issues before they become costly repairs. Whether for residential or commercial properties, our detailed inspections utilize the latest in siding inspection technology, providing comprehensive evaluations that include siding leak detection and thorough inspections from our specialized checklist.

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Secure Your Home With Our Siding Assessment Services

Our siding assessment services are designed to address and prevent potential issues before they become costly problems. By conducting thorough evaluations, we can detect early signs of siding damage, helping to avoid major repairs down the line. Regular assessments not only ensure the longevity of your siding but also enhance your home's insulation, leading to significant energy savings.

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Essential Roof Inspection Services

Ensure your roof's longevity and safety with our thorough roof inspections. We check for damage, ensure proper drainage, and examine structural integrity to catch issues early. Keep your property secure with regular checks. Timely inspections can save you from costly repairs down the line.

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Complete Roof Assessment Services to Secure Your Home

Discover the true condition of your roof with our detailed assessments. We can pinpoint potential problems early, helping you avoid costly repairs and extend your roof’s lifespan. Enjoy peace of mind with our professional services designed to safeguard your home.

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Ensure Your Home’s Safety with Professional Siding Repair

With professional siding repair, you can protect your home from weather damage and energy loss effectively. This service not only restores the beauty of your home’s exterior but also enhances its durability against the elements. By choosing our siding repair services, you ensure long-term protection and efficiency, all while improving your home's curb appeal. Trust our skilled professionals to deliver quality workmanship that stands the test of time.

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Boost Home Integrity with Professional Siding Tune Up

A professional siding tune up revitalizes your home’s exterior and prevents future issues by addressing minor damages before they escalate. This proactive service ensures that your siding remains in top condition, safeguarding your investment. Our meticulous approach minimizes the need for more extensive repairs down the road, making it a smart choice for homeowners. Rely on our expertise to enhance your home’s resilience and aesthetic appeal.

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Ensure Your Home's Safety with Quality Gutter Inspections

Ensuring the integrity of your gutters is crucial for protecting your home from water damage. A thorough gutter inspection identifies potential problems before they escalate, saving you costly repairs in the future. Our trained professionals meticulously evaluate every component, guaranteeing a detailed assessment. Choose us for a proactive approach to maintaining your home's safety and durability.

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Detailed Gutter Assessments for Long-Term Protection

Regular gutter assessments are essential to maintaining the health of your home's exterior. Our team performs detailed examinations to detect signs of wear and tear, ensuring that your gutters function effectively year-round. With our gutter maintenance service, we help prevent common issues such as leaks and overflows that can lead to severe water damage. Choose our service to keep your home safe and sound through all seasons.

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Emergency Tarping and Board-Up Services

Secure your property quickly after a disaster with our emergency tarping and board-up services. Protect against further damage and maintain safety until repairs can be made.

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Detailed Wind Damage Roofing Solutions

Strengthen your roof against harsh winds with our specialized repair and reinforcement services. Ensure your home stands strong in severe weather.

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Advanced Water Damage Repair Services

Experience swift and effective restoration with our advanced water damage repair services. From initial drying to final restoration, we ensure your property is fully recovered.

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Professional Hail Damage Repair Services

Restore your roof and exterior surfaces with our professional hail damage repair services. Minimize weather impacts with professional solutions.

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    Comprehensive Roofing Services for Every Home

    Our roofing services encompass everything necessary to maintain, repair, and install your perfect roof. From flat roofing installation to critical roof repair, we handle it all with unmatched professionalism and skill. Rely on us to extend the life of your roof with services that cover every aspect of roofing maintenance and enhancement. Our commitment is to provide you with a secure, stylish roof that complements your home.

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  • water damage

    Restore and Protect Your Property

    Hail damage can be extensive. Let our professionals restore the safety and appearance of your home with top-tier repair services.

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  • siding 1

    Thorough Siding Installation to Enhance Your Property

    Our siding services provide a fast and effective way to improve your property’s value and appeal. Whether it's vinyl siding installation or more classic choices like cedar and wood, we offer a range of options to suit any building style. Our skilled team guarantees precision in every project, from straight to flat board designs. Choose our siding services for a flawless finish that lasts.

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  • gutters 1

    Enhance Your Home’s Efficiency with Quality Gutters

    Gutter installation is essential for proper water management and protecting your property’s foundation and aesthetic appeal. Our services include seamless and copper gutter installations, tailored to complement your home while providing effective rainwater diversion. With detailed installation, our gutters minimize leakage and maximize functionality. Secure your home with our reliable, stylish gutter solutions.

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  • storm damage 1

    Fast-Action Repair Services for Hail and Storm Impact

    Our storm damage roof repair services are designed to address and fix the aftermath of severe weather. From hail damage repair to fixing curled or cracked shingles, we cover all aspects of storm recovery. Our thorough inspections and repairs ensure that every element of your roof is fortified against future issues. Trust us to bring your roof back to perfect condition, swiftly and efficiently.

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  • emergency services 1

    Prompt and Reliable Emergency Services

    Our emergency services are tailored to offer rapid relief in urgent situations. Whether you need emergency roof tarp service or a complete board-up, we are ready to assist 24/7. Our proactive approach minimizes damage and begins the restoration process quickly. Trust our dedicated team to provide the emergency services you need to protect your home and family.

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  • worker repairing a dark grey roofing of a house

    Dependable Roof Repair Solutions

    Our roof repair services are designed to address immediate problems and prevent future issues. Whether dealing with weather damage, aging materials, or routine wear and tear, our skilled team is equipped to handle all aspects of roof repair. We focus on delivering effective, durable solutions that restore the integrity of your roof and enhance your home's safety. Count on us for reliable roof repair that stands the test of time.

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  • worker installing some tiles

    Proactive Roof Maintenance for Longevity

    Regular maintenance is key to a lasting roof, and our Roof Tune-Up services are crafted to provide just that. We focus on preventive measures to enhance your roof's resilience against weather and aging. Our detailed inspections and minor repairs address potential vulnerabilities, keeping your roof strong and functional. Trust our proactive approach to extend your roof's lifespan and maintain its performance.

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    Maintain and Protect Your Property

    We offer a full range of siding inspection services tailored to meet the specific needs of any property. Our team handles every aspect of siding care with unmatched professionalism and precision. Enhance your property’s curb appeal and structural integrity with our reliable siding inspection services, designed to protect your investment and ensure peace of mind.

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    Maximize Your Home’s Efficiency

    Siding assessments can spot early damage to prevent costly repairs, enhance insulation, reduce energy costs, and maintain aesthetic appeal. Regular checks ensure lasting protection, comfort, and increased property value, keeping homes in prime condition.

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  • worker doing roof inspection

    Spot Roof Problems Early!

    Routine roof inspections can protect your home by catching issues early, preventing expensive repairs, and maintaining structural integrity. They ensure longevity and performance, protecting your property year-round.

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  • worker doing roof assessment

    The Impact of Neglecting Roof Assessments

    Ignoring regular roof assessments can lead to severe damages and costly repairs. Small unnoticed issues can escalate, causing structural and interior damage. Don’t risk the safety and longevity of your roof; stay proactive to avoid expensive emergencies.

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  • Detailed Siding Repair for Lasting Protection

    Choose our siding repair services to shield your home from environmental threats and maintain its aesthetic value. Our team provides thorough assessments and precise repairs to tackle any damage effectively, ensuring your home remains beautiful and well-protected.

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  • Preserve Your Home’s Charm

    Regular siding tune ups are essential to maintaining the structural integrity and beauty of your home. Our specialized services focus on diagnosing and fixing small imperfections, preventing costly repairs and prolonging the life of your siding.

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  • gutter inspection close up

    Discover the Benefits

    A professional gutter inspection is the first step towards safeguarding your home from the risks of water damage and structural issues. By choosing our services, you ensure that any minor issues are caught early, potentially saving thousands in repair costs.

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  • contractor doing a gutter cleaning

    Secure Your Home

    Protect your home's foundation and landscaping with our professional gutter maintenance services. Our skilled team conducts exhaustive gutter assessments to pinpoint and rectify any concerns, prolonging the lifespan of your gutter system.

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  • tarping

    Immediate Protection Available

    Don't wait for the damage to worsen. Contact us immediately for emergency tarping and boarding services that secure your property.

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  • wind damage

    Secure Your Roof Today

    Contact us to assess and fortify your roof against wind damage. Don’t compromise on safety—get professional help now.

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  • emergency water damage

    Immediate Water Damage Response

    Water damage waits for no one. Contact us for immediate assistance and professional restoration to prevent further damage.

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  • hail damage

    Restore and Protect Your Property

    Hail damage can be extensive. Let our professionals restore the safety and appearance of your home with top-tier repair services.

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Charlotte Brehon


I had a very pleasant experience with Mr.& Mrs.Murphy with replacing my roof and front porch. They kept open communication at all times. Everything looks great.I am very very happy.

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Audrey Trueheart


Virgil and his crew went above and beyond to ensure that everything was perfect. Virgil used technology to view the progress of the work. He inspected different stages of the work in person as they were completed. I now have a new roof, a beautiful sparkly porch and sidewalk step. 5+ ⭐️

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Marianne Daley


I used Shared Stories Home and Remodeling for my roof replacement. Virgil, Claire and the team that actually did the work were exceptional! They are a very responsive company, answered all of my questions, worked with my insurance company and met the insurance adjustor at my home. The crew that did the work were friendly, and didn’t mind me asking questions and providing so much information. They did an exceptional job cleaning up! If I could give a 10 Star review, I would. Thank you so much Shared Stories!!!

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Kelly Hutson


So personable and trustworthy!!

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Colleen Clark


We used Shared Stories Home and Remodeling for full roof replacement in May, 2023 and full siding replacement in June, 2023. Virgil, the owner, is very knowledgeable about insurance coverage and was instrumental in getting our insurance to cover costs of both home repairs. Virgil and his team are wonderful! They were very helpful from start to finish and were responsive to all our questions and/or concerns. Highly recommend this company!!

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Olga Perez


Virgil & Claire & Staff were very professional and courteous. They did a wonderful job on my roof. The entire staff was friendly and helpful. I would recommend their services highly!

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Marc Berman


Best roofer. Gutter system is wonderful. Thank you Virgil

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Robert Whitacre


Great Company.
Greater Work Ethics..
Greatest Pricing…
Recommending to ALL!!

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Rebecca Tacc


And as a realtor, I have recommended Shared Stories Home and Remodeling many times to my clients. They always provide exceptional value, superior quality, timely turnaround and true professionalism! They are also experts at working collaboratively with insurance companies to get work systematically approved so the homeowner won’t have to carry the entire financial burden. They are, without question, the BEST!!

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Bryan White Jr


They the best! Virgil knows everything about insurance and some they will take great care of you!

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Josh Ramdeen


We are very thankful that we called Shared Stories for our new roof! Virgil was prompt, punctual, and very professional. He advised us to contact our insurance due to wind damage on our roof. Virgil actually came out to meet the insurance adjuster during the inspection. We were able to get our new roof covered by insurance! Virgil even had his crew come out and touch up some things so that they were more to our liking. By far our best contractor experience- thank you Virgil, and crew!

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Will Dix


Love this man and they are one of the best contractors in MD!

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At Shared Stories Home and Remodeling, we blend deep industry experience with a fresh, modern approach to roofing services in Rosedale, MD. As a veteran and minority-owned business, we are not just in it for profit; our goal is to genuinely help our community through our solutions. We leverage the latest technology to streamline our operations, ensuring faster and smoother project delivery. Our commitment to innovation sets us apart from traditional firms that follow outdated methods. We offer roofing, siding, gutters, storm damage, and emergency services tailored to both residential and commercial needs. Trust us to protect and beautify your property with our expertise. Our modern perspective and approach mean we constantly adapt to the latest industry standards, always aiming to exceed your expectations. Choose us for a service experience that combines the best of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology.

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In Rosedale, MD, Shared Stories Home and Remodeling stands out as a trusted roofing contractor. We offer a comprehensive range of commercial and residential services: our seamless roof installation ensures durability and style for every home; our siding contractor enhances exterior aesthetics and protection; a professional gutter installation prevents water damage effectively; we swiftly handle roof leak repair, maintaining your home’s integrity. Additionally, our emergency roof repair service is always available when unexpected damages occur. Trust us to keep your property in peak condition.

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Top-Quality Gutter Installation Services in Rosedale, MD As a trusted provider of top-quality gutter installation services in Rosedale,...

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Storm Damage

Swift Roof Leak Repair Services in Rosedale, MD When storm damage strikes your home, timely and reliable roof...

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Emergency Services

Emergency Roof Repair Services in Rosedale, MD When unexpected damage strikes your home, our emergency roof repair services...

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Roof Installation

Reliable Roof Installation in Rosedale, MD Dealing with roofing problems can be stressful. Leaks, damaged shingles, and outdated...

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Roof Replacement

Exceptional Roof Replacement Services in Rosedale, MD Dealing with a damaged or aging roof can be stressful and...


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